Community Education Information


    Special Note 

    Hello, and welcome to the Community Education page.  My name is Michael Moran, and I am the Director of Community Education.  Fran Morgan and I have worked hard this semester to offer different and varied courses for the semester.  Please take a look at the new Community Education catalog and notice some of our new offerings, including Tai Chi, Firearms, Wine Tasting, and Wildlife Rehabilitation.

    I am an assistant principal in the high school, so I am invested in this community, this school, and this program and want it to succeed.  Please contact me with suggestions or ideas as we move forward with that purpose.  My email address is  I can be reached at 210-2333.  Additionally, you may contact Fran Morgan, Community Education Secretary, at or at 716-210-2348 if you need further information about our program or register for a class.


    Enjoy the season and course offerings!

    Michael Moran
    Director of Community Education



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