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  • Roberts’ Rules- Economics


    Course Requirement, Expectations and Overview


    This course is designed to give the student a basic understanding of the Concepts and issues in the discipline of Economics. These concepts include Economic Systems, Market Structure, Resource Allocation, Demand, Supply, Opportunity Cost, and Choice.


    Requirement for success

    -         Regular attendance with necessary materials After three unexcused absences your grade will be affected

    -         Completion of HW and reading assignments

    -         Participation in class

    -         Passing quizzes, chapter tests and completion of a research project

    It is your best interest to approach this class with a serious attitude as it is a requirement for graduation.


    Your grade will be determined by the following:

    - Homework- 15%

    - Quizes- 30%

    - Tests- 40 %

    - Project 15%

    Please note carefully

    -         No late HW will be accepted

    -         Absent student must turn in their HW immediately upon their return to class

    -         Make up quizzes/ tests will be at the discretion of the teacher and will involve an essay

    -         A binder is necessary to keep you organized for handouts and notes


    Office Hours are Mondays and Tuesdays and if necessary Thursdays. However, if a student needs help I will make myself available any day.

    Room extension number- 6618

    Email- Eroberts@starpointcsd.org