Board of Education

  •  A school board is a corporate body that oversees and manages a public school district's affairs, personnel and properties.  Its members are elected by the residents of the school district the board oversees.

    The term corporate body indicates that a school board is treated as a corporation, a legal entity that has an existence distinct and apart from its members and has the capacity for continuous existence without regard to changes in its membership.  As such, the legality of a school board's contracts as well as the validity of its policies and resolutions do not depend on its individual members.  Board members do not assume any personal liability for the school district even though they may be personally liable for certain conduct.  Generally, school board members take official action only by majority vote at an official meeting.

    The Starpoint Central School District Board of Education is composed of nine members, each serving a three-year term.  Three new members are elected each year.

    To qualify for membership on a school board, an individual:

    • Must be able to read and write.
    • Must be a qualified voter of the district.
    • Must be and have been a resident of the district for a continuous and uninterrupted period of at least one year.
    • May not have been removed from any school district office within the preceding year.
    • May not reside with another member of the same school board as a member of the same family.
    • May not be a current employee of the school board.
    • May not simultaneously hold another incompatible public office.

    The school board is responsible for the education of the children residing in the district.

    The school board generally meets on the second and fourth Monday of each month.  Occasionally the meeting schedule is changed due to holidays.  In addition, the board may call special meetings if needed.

    If you wish to submit official correspondence to the Board of Education, please email that correspondence to Dorothy Szpaicher, District Clerk, at  I will ensure that it gets onto the board agenda and that all board members receive the correspondence. 

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please call the District Clerk's Office at 716-210-2352.