• The Starpoint Central School District continually demonstrates its ability to teach children to read, write, and compute. Our ongoing commitment to provide students in the Starpoint community with a quality education is well documented. We seek to provide all students with a variety of educational opportunities and are proud of our capability to help each student achieve.

    The Starpoint community at large reflects high values and a strong work ethic. Parents, faculty, administrators and community members provide positive direction and support for education. The Board of Education strives to provide a quality education while remaining fiscally responsible to the Starpoint taxpayers. Most recently, the Starpoint District has responded to the Board of Education’s efforts by building a new high school and doing extensive renovations throughout the district. 

    Starpoint enters the new millennium with a tradition of excellence and a vision for the future. Our ongoing dedication to teaching and learning for all will continue to provide each Starpoint student with the highest level of instruction, activities, equipment, and materials possible.

    We welcome you to our school community and hope that you will actively participate in the education of our youth. It is our community responsibility to provide a culture that nurtures learners and leaders and helps each child become a strong communicator willing to cooperate and communicate with others.

    District Mission Statement

    "The Starpoint Central School District, serving five communities, provides opportunities that challenge and empower students to reach their maximum potential."

    Standards of Excellence

    "Reflecting the ideals of the school and community which it serves."


    • To communicate effectively.  

    • To realize individual characteristics and goals.  

    • To understand and appreciate the world in which one lives.  

    • To utilize and process information to solve problems. 

    • To contribute as a responsible member of society.


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