Concussion Management Plan

  • Concussion Management Plan

    Starpoint Central School District



    Management Team:

    Kendall Marshall, MS, ATC, CSCS

    Cheryl Lockwood, School Nurse

    Thomas Szalkowski, MD PC

    Vincent Dell'Oso, Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics



    Concussion Management Plan sequence:


    A)    All contact sport athletes must be baseline tested by the school Athletic Trainer. This baseline test is conducted using CSMi Sportsware Online SAC software and is stored electronically.

    B)     All head injuries are to be evaluated by the school AT and retested using the CSMi Sportsware Online SAC software.

    C)    An educational pamphlet on concussions will be given to all parents of any athlete suspected of having a head injury.

    D)    If the athlete’s injury score is less than the baseline score and/or continues to have signs of a concussion lasting more than 15 minutes, the athlete then must see a physician.

    E)     While the athlete is not participating in sports due to injury he/she will routinely be re-evaluated to track his/her recovery progress. These results will be recorded in the athlete’s injury file.

    F)     Once the athlete returns to a symptom free status and retesting scores match baseline scores the athlete is then cleared to return to sports pending approval from an appropriate medical provider.

    G)    Copies of all test results and injury reports will be given to the athletes to deliver to their physician to help aid in the evaluation process.

    H)    Once cleared, all athletes must adhere to a strict progression of play in the following order:

    a.      Phase 1: Cardio exercises only, no contact.

    b.      Phase 2: Fitness room exercises, treadmill jogging.

    c.       Phase 3: Light practice, no contact.

    d.      Phase 4: Full speed, light contact, no scrimmaging.

    e.    Phase 5: Full practice  

    f.       None of the above days can be cleared to return to play on a game day. If the athlete reports any signs of concussion or any signs of a concussion are observed the athlete is immediately removed from participation and must see their physician.