Sports Physicals - Important Information for Students

  • ATTENTION-----There will be sports physicals at the school in February for Spring Sports.  All athletes needing a physical must have their Sports Candidate Questionnaire signed by their parent to the nurses' offices no later than February 14th.

    All new physical paperwork must be turned in by March 2nd FOR ALL VARSITY AND JV TEAMS....and MODIFIED SPORTS BY March 16th... SEE SPRING SPORTS SIGN-UP INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.

    Parents need to complete the Sport Candidate Questionnaire and Health History form and submit to the nurse's offices prior to the physical when at the school. 

    If an athlete goes to his/her own doctor, the Sports Candidate Questionnaire and Health History form must be completed by the parent and a copy of the physical from the doctor's office must be submitted as soon as possible to the Starpoint nurse's office.   The Sports Candidate Questionnaire is required whenever a new physical is submitted to the nurse's office.

    An Interval Health History update (green sheet) must be completed by the parent if the physical is over 30 days old prior to the start of any sport.

    Note---Any sports form must be dated by the parent/guardian within 30 days of start date--this is a NYS requirement....or a new Interval Health History must be turned in again.

    The White Sports Form, The Spring Sports Sign-Up Instructions, and the Interval Health History (Green Sports Form) are below...

    If your child needs an inhaler or epi-pen, the medication consent must be completed each school year also.

    Paperwork must be handed in to the nurse's office to be put on the approved health list prior to tryouts.

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