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  • 2017-2018 School Year


    I am Michael Huttner, math teacher in the High School. I teach Pre-Calc and Calculus , and have been with the district for over 25 years. I am fortunate. I teach some of the most talented and brightest students in Niagara County. I am blessed. I love what I do. My students challenge me, encourage me and refine me. They impact me daily as I hope I do them. 
    In Pre-Calc, we focus on the skills and concepts that will be needed in Calculus. I treat Pre-Calc as the name implies. These concepts and skills will be used by Juniors when they enter my calculus class as Seniors or by Seniors when they enter a Calculus class at their university. Most professional majors will be required to take some level of Calculus and taking Pre-Calc at Starpoint will help ensure their success. 
    In Calculus, we align our content to that of Niagara University's Math Department for both Calc I and Calc II (MAT111 and MAT112). All students taking Calculus at Starpoint take both a Midterm and Final that is written by NU. They have an option of earning NU credit for the course through the NUSTEP program. Starpoint Calculus students may also elect to take the Calculus AP AB exam in May. Our program is AP accredited. These students will have to devote additional time outside the normal class time to prepare. 
    One of the objectives of Starpoint Calculus is to transition our Seniors to become college ready. This is college material. The rigour of the course is intentional and necessary. My students are expected to study and be self motivated. Throughout the course they are challenged to advocate for themselves, to develop relationships with their instructors, to refine their note taking skills, and to manage their time wisely. Beyond the mathematical skills and concepts covered in this course is the discipline and attitude that helps ensure success next year as university students. 
    Cell Phones:
    Cell phones are to be out of sight. Students are NOT ALLOWED to record any part of class whether video or voice. This includes fellow students or any instructor (including Mr. Huttner). If a cell phone is out and seen, without prior permission, they will be confiscated and the cell phone will be sent to the high school office to be collected after school.
    Office Hours:
    My office hours are by appointment. Students are encouraged to seek me out. I am available several periods during the day. This year I am available during periods 1, 4, and 9, as well as after or before school. There is no reason why students can not arrange a time to meet with me for extra help. 
    Contact Information:
    Please feel free to contact me anytime. The best way is through email. My email is: