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  • Romeo and Juliet-The Prologue-Chorus



    Act 1 Scene 1- Montague Who Set This Ancient Quarrel New Abroach

    Act 1 Scene 2- A Street

    Act 1 Scene 3- A Room in Capulet_s Mansion

    Act 1 Scene 3- Nurse Even or Odd_ Of All the Days in the Year


    This homepage is general information about my classes.  

    For active information about daily homework assignments and resources, or even extracurricular opportunities, please click on the following link.

    Mr. Gielow's Classroom

    Summer Reading
    Freshmen return to school on Tuesday, September 3 for orientation.  All high school students return Wednesday, September 4 for the first day of classes.  All 9th grade students will be expected to have completed The Boys in the Boat and one other book of his or her choice on an appropriate reading level.  Please bring these books to the first day of classes!

    The Boys in the Boat has an abridged version "Adapted for Young Readers" that is acceptable and available at the Starpoint High School Office.  If you are having trouble completing the full length version, please acquire this text.  It is only 214 pages with pictures. All students will be expected to complete this version at a minimum.  However, students that have completed the full version are to be commended and will have a better experience with the work overall.


    For information about the Starpoint High School Musical Club please click the link below.

    Starpoint High School Musical Club

    For information about the Starpoint Drama Club please click the link below.

    Starpoint Drama Club

    For information on lighting, sound, and technical usage of the high school and middle school auditoriums click the link below.

    Starpoint Auditorium Technical Usage



    Office Hours are now Monday and Thursday with Tuesday as an alternate.

    Drama Club will now meet on Friday 10th period

    ENG 9 Information - Also found on the course syllabus:


    Summer Reading - Book of choice.  The Starpoint English Department has started a fREADom initiative, allowing some freadom of choice as long as the books are appropriate for the student's reading level.  Students will be held accountable for reading, and this will be assessed through journals and teacher/student conferences.  One fREADom book must be completed over the summer.  Some staff recommendations are linked to my teacher website. Click on Mr. Gielow's Classroom on this page...then select the fREADom tab.

    I.     Travels with Charley
    II.    Greek Mythology
    III.   Homeric Epics (The Odyssey and The Iliad)
    IV.   Short Stories: “The Most Dangerous Game,” “The Cask of Amontillado,” “The Necklace,” “The Scarlet Ibis,” “The Interlopers,”
    V.    Anthem by Ayn Rand

    ELA Module 9.1

    VI.   Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
    VII.  Passages from: “St Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves,” “Black Swan Green,” “Letters to a Young Poet”

    ELA Module 9.2

    VIII. Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex
    IX.    Poetry – “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “I Felt a Funeral in My Brain”
    X.     Passages from: “True Crime: The Roots of an American Obsession,” “How Bernard Madoff Did It,” and “The Wizard of Lies; Epilogue”


    • Covered Textbook (received after first 10 weeks)
    • Three Ring Binder (1” to 1.5”)
    • Ruled Paper, Pen, Pencil, and Highlighter
    • Post-it pads (many) 1.5" x 2" is preferred
    • A box of Kleenex to share is appreciated but not required


    1. Be on time to class with required materials.
    2. No personal electronic devices are permitted during my class time.
    3. Sit in your assigned seat.
    4. Complete homework assignments on time.  Homework is collected and graded.  Late homework will receive a 10% penalty.  This penalty does not escalate.  Once an assignment has been corrected and returned to students, no additional late papers will be accepted.
    5. Homework is assigned approximately 4 times a week.  This includes written work, reading, and studying for tests and quizzes.
    6. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to see me upon returning to class for make-up work.
    7. If you are absent from class due to a music lesson, field trip, or a school appointment, you are still responsible for the homework the next day.  You can obtain an assignment from me during my free periods, from my website, or from a reliable classmate.
    8. Cheating is not tolerated.  A zero will be given for any work that reflects cheating or plagiarism, with no opportunity for making up the test/assignment.
    9. If you skip a class, a zero will be given for any test/assignment for that day.  You will also be asked to attend my office hours to make up the absence.
    10. All work must be completed in legible pencil, or standard blue or black ink, on straight edged white lined paper.  Some assignments may only be accepted when typed.
    11. No extra credit assignments will be given throughout the year.  You must keep up with your assignments.


    • Students are expected to take a serious approach to their studies.
    • Effort is expected on all assignments.
    • Students are expected to be punctually present on a daily basis.  NO EXCUSES!
    • Students are expected to take advantage of office hours for help. (Mon. & Thurs.)


                Grades are posted to Parent Portal every two to three weeks. Grading for this course consists of seven categories including homework, writing, spelling/grammar, vocabulary, quizzes, unit tests, and attendance.  Each category is weighed equally so there are many opportunities for success. 

                Attendance is a new category being used in the high school.  Regular attendance and class participation are important for success in this course.  There will be a daily participation grade of two points—one point for being present and on task, the second point for being prepared with necessary materials (a blue/black pen, paper, binder, books, etc.).  For a typical five-day week, a student will have a 10-point assignment on the portal.

    • If a student has a legal absence, he or she will have up to a week to recover points through make-up work and staying during office hours if necessary.
    • If a student has an illegal absence, the student will receive 0 unrecoverable points for the missed class. 
    • A student who puts his/her head down during class will also receive 0 unrecoverable points for the “missed” class.