• ***I am going to be using the following website for 
    the 2017-2018 school year
    Welcome to Chemistry!  You will be learning many new concepts and ideas this
     not all of which are easy!  I recommend that you
     stay on top of your chemistry work, ask questions in class, and get help when it's needed! 
    This site contains information and documents that you may find helpful during the school year.  Class worksheets, notes and labs are posted on these pages for your use.  Announcements and homework will also be posted on a regular basis, in addition to being talked about and posted in class.  Should you miss a day(s), you may access what was missed in class from home. 
    This page summarizes some of the main questions that you may have while in chemistry.
    Topics to be covered this year:
    1) Measurements
    2) Matter & Energy         
    3) Atomic Structure & Theories
    4) Periodic Table 
    5) Chemical Bonding, 
    Formulas & Naming
    6) Moles
    7) Stoichiometry & Chemical Reactions
    Kinetic Theory of Gases
    Redox Chemistry
    Kinetics & Equilibrium
    Solutions, Acids & Bases
    13) Organic Chemistry
    How grades will be calculated:                                        

       Marking period grades are calculated by a "total points" system.  Generally, unit tests/projects are 100 points, quizzes are 25-40 points, homework/classwork are 5-50 points (depending on the length and difficulty), and participation is 10-20 points a marking period.  To calculate your marking period grade, you will take the points earned and compare it to the total possible points for the quarter.


    Classroom grade  =   points earned /total points  x 100 =80% of grade


    Chemistry Lab Grade  = 20 % of grade




    Make-Up Work

    Students are responsible for getting the notes and work missed when absent from a classmate or teacher.  All handouts can be found in the bin at the front of my desk, or on this website.

    - If you miss class for any reason, any assignment that was due on that day missed is to be turned in immediately upon your return to school.  If the graded assignment has not been turned in by the end of the day of your return to school, a zero will be entered into the gradebook.

    - When absent on the day of a test or quiz, arrangements must be made to take the assessment either during a student study hall or 10th period during office hours.

    - For extended absences your parents need to call in to the attendance office to have work prepared for someone to pick up at the main office at the end of the day.  To ensure that there is enough time to prepare material for you, your parents should call at least 24 hours in advance of the pick-up time.


    *Reminder:  If an absence is an excused absence, students have 5 school days in which to make up the assignment for full credit and to remove the zero that is in the gradebook.  

    Tips for success:
       - Limit absences!!!!!
       - Review your notes nightly.
       - Complete all homework on time.
       - Complete labs fully and turn them in on time.
    I am available for help during activity periods Monday and Wednesday.  You can come in for help, makeup missing labs and assignments, work on homework, etc. anytime on these days. Should you need to contact me outside of school hours, my e-mail address is

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