Building Leadership Team

  • The High School Mission Statement is to foster the development of lifelong learners and responsible citizens who are able to make a positive contribution to a changing world.  

    In addition to CDEP, the High School Building Leadership Team has developed the following goals for 2016-2017:

    1.  Continue the High School Open House format:  Focus on the Future
    2.  Develop a faculty survey to determine needs, concerns and what works in the high school
    3.  Administer student survey to assess degree of conflict, harassment, and bullying in the high school and compare to the 2015-2016 results  
    4.  Create parent survey to address the concerns, needs, and issues that pertain to high school parents
    5.  Keep teacher/curriculum information to parents in a consistent format
    6.  Continue Freshmen Day - have an entire school day for 9th Graders only to attend the school in a relaxed environment and acclimate to the high school environment
    7.  Continue to master safety drill protocol in conjunction with district buildings
    8.  Continually update emergency response folders

    Members of the Building Leadership Team include:
    Mrs. Alicia Vieaux, Mrs. Lori Pusateri, Mrs. Brenda Zdrojewski, Mrs.Sue Graham, Mrs. Louise Petrie, Mr. Joseph DiMaria and Mr. Michael Moran.