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  • Welcome to Team Starbursts!

     Social Studies: Mr. Menges   tmenges@starpointcsd.org

    Math: Mrs. Steward    csteward@starpointcsd.org

    Science:Mrs. Rotella-Diez arotella-diez@starpointcsd.org

    Spanish: Mrs. Julian  kjulian@starpointcsd.org

    ELA: Mrs. Zinni / Ms. DiMartile  azinni@starpointcsd.org / jdimartile@starpointcsd.org

    Studyskills: Mrs. Abel   kabel@starpointcsd.org



    Office Hours











    Math 8 

    Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday

    No School

    Test Signature and Chapter 3 Cummulative Review

    HW #23: Simplifying Equations before Solving Worksheet

    HW #24: Solving Equations by Simplifying Completely Worksheet

    Study for Chapter 3 Linear Equations Quiz


    TTM#6 Due

    Algebra I

    Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday

    No School


    HW #25: Worksheet - Identities and Equations


    HW #26: Worksheet - Properties and Equations

    Study for Chapter 2 Equations and Inequailites Quiz


    HW #27: Worksheet - Inequalities Day 1

    TTM#6 Due

    Science 8

    Hours: Tues, Thurs

    No School

    Physical/Chem Properties and Changes Wkst

    Review for Quiz tomorrow on Chem/Phys Changes

    Unit 2 Vocabulary in Spiral Notebook

     None : )


    Hours: Tues, Thurs

    No School

    Acid/Base Lab Questions

    Unit 2 Vocab due Friday

    Organic Molecules Worksheet

    Quiz Friday pgs 10-17 in Notes

    Org. Compound Wkst Finish Org. Poster and review for Quiz Monday

    Biology Lab

    No School


    A Day

    Making Connections    Day 3

    Lab due 10-25


    B Day

    Making Connections Day 3

    Lab due 10-28


    C Day

    Making Connections    Lab Day 3

    Lab due 10-29


    D Day

    Making Connections Lab Day 3

    Lab due 10-30


    Social Studies Office Hours: 


     No School

     Complete Populism and Gold Standard Classwork


    1. Complete Native American Wars


    2.  Watch Indian Wars Video

    Complete Dawes Act Activity



    Office Hours: 

    Mon, Tues

    None None None  Test Corrections due tomorrow 


    Spanish         Office Hours: 


    No school today


     Study; Make sure vocabulary is filled in

     Study Unit 6 A.1 vocabulary


    Upcoming Tests/Quizzes:

    Math 8:

    Chapter 3 Linear Equations Quiz Friday 10/18/19

    Chapter 3 Linear Equations Test Thursday 10/31/19

    Algebra I: 

    Chapter 3 Equations and Inequalities Quiz Thursday 10/17/19

    Chapter 3 Equations and Inequalities Test Thursday 10/31/19


    Science 8:  

    Biology: Unit 2 Quiz #2 Monday, Oct 21


    Social:  WEstward Expansion Test Wednesday 10/23


     Spanish:  Quiz every Friday 



    Literature Journals due at the end of each month!! (10/31)

    Test Corrections due this Friday (10/18)

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