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     Social Studies: Mrs. Jones        kjones@starpointcsd.org

    Math: Mrs. Steward          csteward@starpointcsd.org

    Science: Mrs. Rotella-Diez       arotella-diez@starpointcsd.org

    Spanish: Mrs. Julian         kjulian@starpointcsd.org

    English: Mrs. Zinni        azinni@starpointcsd.org

    Study Skills: Mrs. Abel        kabel@starpointcsd.org 


    Monday 3/20

    Tuesday 3/21

    Wednesday 3/22

    Thursday 3/23

    Friday 3/24

    Mrs. Steward

    Math 8


    Office Hours: 

    Tuesday and Thursday

    HW#78: Angles and Parallel Lines (day 4) 


    HW #79: Parallel Lines Theorem



    No New Homework


    Study for Quiz


    Quiz #7 on Chapter 8 Angle Relationships

    HW #80: Dilations (day 1) 


    Mrs. Steward



    Office Hours: 

    Tuesday and Thursday

    HW #88: Completing the Square (day 2)



    HW #89: Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square


    No New Homework


    Work on Unit Review #1



    HW #90: Solving All Types of Quadratic Functions



    HW #91: The Quadratic Formula




    Mrs. Rotella-Diez

    Science 8


    Office Hours Mon/Thurs

    In Class: Intro to Density

    Homework: None


    In Class: Procedures for Calculating the density of a block

    Mass, Volume, Density Quiz coming soon!

    Homework: None



    In Class: Field Trip

    Homework: None

    In Class: Density Layers and Buoyancy

    Homework:  Ed Puzzle on GC AND Gold Packet pgs. 7,8

    In Class:Quiz and Buoyancy Activity

    Homework: Complete questions on the Buoyancy Activity Sheet


    Mrs. Rotella-Diez

    Living Environment


    Office Hours: Mon/Thurs

    Packet: Molecular Biology

    Evolution Test next Thursday/Friday

    Packet: Evolutionary Trees 

    Be sure class packets are complete

    Be sure all 3 packets from Tuesday's class are complete. Evolution Homework Packet Pgs, 1,2,3

    Evolution Homework Packet pgs. 4-7

    Peppered Moth Game worksheet

    Evolution Test next Thurs/Fri

    Mrs. Zinni



    Office Hours: Mon/Tues

    Read TKaM Chapter 6 & Chapter 7, complete Novel Packet Questions Read TKaM Chapter 8, complete Chapter & Title Collaborative Activity and Novel Packet Questions Read TKaM Chapter 9 & Chapter 10, complete Novel Packet Questions   Begin reading TKaM Chapter 11 together Finish reading TKaM Chapter 11, complete Chapter & Title Collaborative Activity and Novel Packet Questions 

    Mrs. Jones

    Social Studies


    Office Hours:

    WWI Review Sheet WWI Review Sheet (TEST TOMORROW) None



    Mrs. Julian



    Office Hours:

    Mondays & Fridays

    Study Study Make sure assignment from class is completed Study Unit 7 Test today


    Upcoming Assignments:

    Math 8-

    3/23 Quiz #7 on Chapter 8 Angle Relationships

    3/31 Test #6 on Chapter 8 Angle Relationships and Chapter 9 Similarity


    3/28 Unit Review #1 Due

    3/28 Quiz #9 on Chapter 9 Different Forms of Quadratic Functions

    Science 8-

    Living Environment-

    English- March Literature Journals due Friday 3/31/23

    Social Studies- 

    World War I Test 3/08/23



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