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    All 6th grade Health materials can be found by logging into Google Classroom.  Please complete the assignments that post to Google and turn the work in.   


    Health Education Grade 6


    Mr. DeWolfe


    Phone: 716-210-2204 ext. 5727

    Office Hours: Thursday D-41




    Health 6 is designed for Starpoint students to learn acceptance of personal responsibility for their lifelong health.  Lifestyle choices, including diet, exercise, and risk behaviors, are a major influence on health.  Health education plays a key role in reinforcing the positive behaviors that can prevent illness and injury and promote a healthy life. We will promote respect for the health of others and students will understand their growth and development at this time in their lives. We will inform our students of health-related information, and products or services that will make them healthier people for the rest of their lives.




    The following units are taught during the semester:

    1) Health Introduction (Chapter 1 pages 2-27)

    2) Healthy Relationships (Chapter 3 pages 60-89)                               

    3) Safety and First Aid (Chapter 12 pages 294-325)

    4) Alcohol (Chapter 10 pages 240-248)

    5) Tobacco (Chapter 9 pages 220-239)

    6) Drugs (Chapter 10 pages 249-265) and (Chapter 6 Lesson 4 pages 159-162)



    Teen Health – Course 1

    Mary Bronson Merki, Ph.D.

    Glencoe McGraw-Hill

    Individual textbooks can be issued upon request

    Textbook readings and assignments will be posted in Google Classroom

    Online Platforms/Programs:

    Google Classroom

    Starpoint Teacher Web Page

    Go-Venture Health



    • 3 ring binder with pockets if possible
    • Pencil
    • Students must bring all materials necessary for class to every class meeting.


    HOMEWORK POLICY (Quantity, frequency, expectations):

    Textbook and reading assignments will be posted in Google on a regular basis. They will be based on the subject area that we are currently studying.  All homework assignments must be turned in on the due date or the assignment will be considered late.  If a student owes work, they can complete and turn the assignment in late but must attend a Zoom office hours meeting to receive credit for the assignments that are submitted late (being absent from school allows the student one extra day to complete the assignment and turn it in on time).  Emails, phone calls and progress reports may be sent home in an effort to keep all students and parents informed.  All assignments, due dates and grades are posted on eschool in a timely manner.  Please make every effort to check the portal.


    COMPUTATION OF GRADES (Tests, Projects, Homework, and the “weight” they carry):

    Health is a 20-week course.  Three points will be given per class meeting based on attendance, participation and behavior.  We will meet one day per week in person;  additional learning will take place virtually through Google Classroom and Go-Venture Health.  A quiz may be given at any time on material we are presently covering. 


    Attendance, Behavior and Participation- 10%

    Tests, Quizzes- 30%

    Homework- 30%

    Online Assignments- 30%

    Total Percentage- 100%



    Access my Starpoint Teacher page by logging onto and then going to the tab titled teacher home pages. All assignments and work will also be posted on Google Classroom.  



    Although this is a fun and exciting class, proper and mature behavior is required at all times.



    This is the first half of the Middle School Health requirements.  The second twenty weeks will be covered in Grade Eight.  The final 20-week course will be completed for graduation in high school.