• Spartan Technology Department


    The Spartan Technology Department is committed to two main goals:  The highest quality experience for our end users (both staff & students) while providing a secure & safe web environment using appropriate tools & programs.

  • Maureen Braunscheidel 

    Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology

    Email: mbraunscheidel@starpointcsd.org

    Phone: 716-210-2350


    Joe Flegal

    Network Manager - Micro-Computer Specialist 

    Email: jflegal@starpointcsd.org

    Phone: 716-210-2292


    Joe Rozbicki

    Technology Coordinator (BOCES)

    Email: jrozbicki@starpointcsd.org

    Phone: 716-210-2292


    Alanna Steffen

    Media Associate

    Email: asteffen@starpointcsd.org

    Phone: 716-210-6325


    Matt Mariglia

    District Technology Liaison 

    Email: mmariglia@starpointcsd.org

    Phone: 716-210-2293

  • Bonnie Larson

    Technology Liaison - Starpoint High School

    Email: blarson@starpointcsd.org

    Phone: 716-210-2373


    Natalia Dungan

    Technology Liaison - Starpoint Middle School

    Email: ndungan@starpointcsd.org

    Phone: 716-210-2213


    Mike Luick

    Technology Liaison - Regan Intermediate School

    Email: mluick@starpointcsd.org

    Phone: 716-210-2123


    Shana Puff

    Technology Liaison - Fricano Primary School


    Phone: 716-210-3906