The goal of the Instruction Office is to enhance learning for all students by supporting effective instruction in every classroom and maintaining a guaranteed, viable, and aligned curriculum. 


    Maureen Braunscheidel 

    Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology

    Email: mbraunscheidel@starpointcsd.org

    Phone: 716-210-2350


    Debbie Maybach

    Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent

    Email: dmaybach@starpointcsd.org

    Phone: 716-210-2350


    Tracy Minton

    Instructional Coach 

    Email: tminton@starpointcsd.org

    Phone: 716-210-2363


    Matt Mariglia

    District Technology Liaison 

    Email: mmariglia@starpointcsd.org

    Phone: 716-210-5435