Team Polar Bears - 7th Grade

  • Welcome to 7th grade and Team Polar Bears!

    Every Friday, this page will be updated with upcoming tests, assignments, and general school announcements.  Please check back every Friday to keep up to date on your child's work.

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    SPANISH:  12/10/10  Unit 2 (Family and House) will be broken up into two mini-units.  Before Christmas break we will focus on Fmaily vocab, the verb ser, the verb tener and possessive adjectives.  Expect a Unit 2 test on the 21st and a family project due in mid January 2011.  12/3/10  We wrapped up Unit 1 this week with a test.  Next week we organize binders, update portfolios and start Unit 2 "family" vocab.


    Science students have scratched the surface of the earth with a completion of their study of maps (get it?).  We learned about the typical latitude/longitude maps and also picked up some topographic map reading skills.  There is a practice quiz on my website for Monday's test, and students have a self created study guide to fill in. They can use it on the test for Monday as a 'cheat sheet


    Social Studies 7:  Week of 9/13-9/17  Welcome to all parents and students.  This week in Social Studies we will begin our study of the Earth's geography and how it relates to our history.  By mid-week we will also begin learning about the first Americans who may have arrived here 20,000 years ago.  Have a great week....Go Bills!


    ELA 7: Fee Choice Projects due on January 14th!!!!

    Next week: Editing, Text-connections.  Spelling lists will NOT be given.