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  • Welcome to Team Poseidon 

    Here you will find helpful information about the happenings on Team Poseidon.  As always if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in either of the following ways.
    Mrs. Griesmer (ELA and Science) 625-7272 #5428  agriesmer@starpointcsd.org
    Mrs. Feicker (ELA and Social Studies)  625-7272 #5429   kfeickert@starpointcsd.org
    Mrs. Hayes (ELA, Math6 and Adv. math)  625-7272  #5427  mhayes@starpointcsd.org 
    Mrs. Igo (Consultant Teacher)  625-7272  #5426  ligo@starpointcsd.org
     Beginning in April 2020 all important Team Poseidon information can be found in each Google Classroom for individual subjects and teachers.  Please look there for important messages and assignments.