• Welcome to Mr. Wieclaw's Universe!! 

     Covid 19 has made our lives very challenging for all of us.  As your child’s teacher, I will do my best to make sure every student receives the best education possible.  Some information below may be helpful for you and/or your child.  As a team, the Mustangs created a group website for you to monitor homework, projects and assessments. 

    1. Contact me via email at mwieclaw@starpointcsd.org.  This will be a very busy school year, so I will usually respond after school hours between 3pm - 6pm within 24 hours.  
    2. Academic Lab hours for SOLA are Fridays between 2:30-3:10 through Google Meet.  Attendance is mandatory.
    3. All students are required to meet at a scheduled time for remote Wednesdays via Google Meet.                                 
    4. Attendance is mandatory and will be taken everyday for ALL students.  
    5. Grading - Homework will be graded out of 5 points.  Late homework will be penalized.  Final grades for each marking period will be based on tests, quizzes, projects and homework assignments.  A point system will be used to determine average.  Assignments will be posted on the Mustangs website.
    6. SIgn up for REMIND on the Mustang webpage.
    7. Students need to log in to Google Classroom at https://classroom.google.com/h Below are the codes for your child to sign up.  Hybrid students should have signed in on their first day in school.
    • Period 1 - pdqqeuc
    • Period 2 - 3g2pf2u
    • Period 6 - 7hkswhf
    • Period 7 - xdjre33
    • Period 8 - auuaphx