Visitor Management System

  • Raptor V-Soft Visitor Management System 
    The District has installed the Raptor V-Soft Visitor Management System. The purpose of this system is to better monitor the visitors coming into the school district, thereby providing enhanced protection for our students and staff. 
    This visitor management system has been acquired through a “Secure Our Schools Grant Project” in conjunction with the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office. The system will be used ONLY WHEN SCHOOL IS IN SESSION (7:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.). The Raptor V-Soft Visitor Management System enhances school security by reading visitor driver’s licenses and/or state-issued ID and comparing that information (visitor’s name, date of birth and photo) to a sex offender database. 
    The Visitor Management System will only access the information of visitors that is a matter of public record.  Visitors entering the office area ONLY will not be asked to use the V-Soft System. School personnel with an approved Starpoint ID badge will not be asked to use the V-Soft system. All substitute personnel will be entered into the system. 
    Opt out provision: If an individual refuses to use the V-Soft System, an administrator or school safety officer will speak with them. Based on his/her knowledge of the person and/or situation, the administrator/safety officer will make a determination to either allow entry or refuse entry of that person into the school building beyond the building office. At the administrator’s discretion, the student and visitor can meet in the office or the administrator or their designee will personally escort the visitor to and from their destination.