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  • Bienvenue à la classe de français!!!


    Bienvenidos a la clase de español!!!

    I will be spending some time getting everything together but would appreciate any suggestions along the way.


    There are many areas to the website that I know you will find great value in. My goal is to make the website not just a tool for me, as the teacher, to connect with parents, but also a learning tool and resource for the students.

    French/Spanish  7


    Bienvenue/Bienvenidos! The following pages contain information you will find helpful as you start your study of a Foreign Language.  The information is for both you, the student, and your parents.  Please share it with them.

    Rules and Expectations:

    There are only four rules in this classroom and you are expected to follow them at all times.

    • Be PROMPT!

      • Students must come to class on time everyday. Students must also follow the 10/10 rule. You cannot leave the first 10 minutes of class or the last 10 minutes of class to go to the bathroom, locker, etc. (exceptions will be made with passes).

    • Be PREPARED!

      • Students must come prepared to class everyday.  The following items are required for all students and MUST be brought to class every day:

        • Folder/Binder  with prongs for handouts

        • A pen/pencil

        • Notebook

        • Homework

          • Homework will be assigned and checked on a day to day basis.  Homework not in class once the bell has rung (i.e. in your locker, at home, in your friend’s locker, in your other notebook, etc.) is missed homework and you will receive a zero.  Half credit will be given if a homework assignment is handed in late.  If a student fails to bring in their homework they must stay after with me to complete the assignment.  If the assignment is completed before the end of the day, students must still stay after to complete duolingo activities.

    • Be POLITE!

      • Students must be respectful to everyone in and outside of the classroom.


      • Class Participation is extremely important for you to learn and understand a foreign language.  Students are encouraged to speak in class during group activities and projects. (NOT while the teacher is talking!)  Failure to participate will result in a lower grade.  Also, a student volunteer will be keeping track of class participation on a daily basis.  When it is your turn to keep track, please try to be as accurate as possible.



    Grades will be determined by the following:

    Tests 25%

    Projects 25%

    Class Preparation & Performance 20%

    Quizzes 30%


    Throughout the school year we will be studying the following:


    • Personal ID

    • Family

    • Weather

    • Time

    • Meal Taking

    • Body

    There will be a Weekly Verb/Vocab Quiz on Friday; the verbs for the week will be posted at the beginning of the week. Students are expected to study for the given verbs/vocab in order to better prepare them for the quiz.  

    Structured bellwork will be introduced this year.  This will be at the beginning of every class and as follows:

    • Monday – Listening

    • Tuesday – Speaking

    • Wednesday – Reading

    • Thursday –Writing (online blog)

      • blog will be discussed in class.

    • Friday – Quiz

    Finally, you are expected to keep an orderly, up-to-date notebook.  You will need it to take notes in order to study for any quizzes and tests.

    Bienvenue et Bonne Chance !Bienvenidos y Buena Suerte

    If you have any questions feel free to email me at clogal@starpointcsd.org.