• Starpoint Middle School Physical Education 

    • Jewelry
    • Jewelry should be removed for class for safety reasons. If you cannot remove jewelry, please keep it conservative and know that there may be a risk for injury. Certain competitive activities may preclude those with jewelry to participate as per teacher discretion. 


    • Proper Attire (being prepared)
      • Proper P.E. attire for the 2020-21 school year will be comfortable clothing where you will be able to move freely.  
      • Students will NOT be changing or have access to the locker room to change.  
      • Sneakers/athletic shoes and comfortable clothing should be worn to school on the days you have Physical Education. 
      • Masks must be worn at all times unless directed otherwise by teacher and social distancing is 12 feet apart when active.
      • These expectations will be enforced and are part of your daily Physical Education grade.


    • Locker/Locker rooms
      • Locker rooms will be available for bathroom purposes only. Students need to ask their teacher and get permission and only one student may go at a time. 


    • Arrival and dismissal from class
    • Arrival: Students will leave backpacks in designated areas of the gym hallway and enter the gym to go to an assigned grid.
    •  Dismissal: Students will wait in designated grid until teacher announces end of the period and exit through the door to get backpacks and go to the next class.


    • Participation
    • Physical Education will be a combination of in class and online learning.
    • Grading will be based on a 5 point Rubric system.
    • Pool use will be based on approval per safety guidelines.


    • Class Makeup Policy
    • The only classes that can be made up for full credit are legal absences from school, medical excuses from a doctor, music lessons and field trips, etc.  
    • If an in class day is missed, it will need to be made up with a virtual assignment.


    • Parent excused/medical note
    • A parent note may excuse a student for a day of P.E. class.  Students will still need to make these classes up for full credit with a virtual assignment.
    • A doctor’s medical excuse/note is required when a student will miss P.E. for an extended period of time. Medical excuses must be presented to the nurse first.  A release from the doctor is required before participation in class can resume.
    • When on an extended medical students will complete receive a unit project.
    • In order for a student to participate in alternate activities with a medical note a limitations form must be picked up and completed by the doctor. Forms can be picked up from Ms. Easton or found on the middle school PE website: http://starpointcsd.org/Middle.cfm?subpage=1582


    • General student conduct and safety
    • Students are expected to follow all safety rules and conduct themselves in a safe manner at all times.  
    • Students will use equipment when directed and properly.
    • Students will demonstrate respect for classmates and teachers at all times.

    Starpoint Middle School Physical Education Grading Rubrics

    In Class Rubric Grading (50%) 

    Students’ daily participation grade is based on a 0 – 5 rubric, with 5 being the highest.   

    • On task 100% of the time
    • Demonstrates Safety Protocols at all times
    • Demonstrates a good and honest Effort in class
    • Shows Respect for teacher, others, equipment, and rules
    • Always shows Star Qualities (Sportsmanship, empathy, responsibility, integrity, respect and cooperation)


    SOLA Students will have access to information for what is taught in class. (100% of grade will be Virtual Assignments)


    Virtual Rubric Grading (50%)

    Students’ daily virtual grade is based on a 0 – 5 rubric, with 5 being the highest.   

    • Completes all of the physical tasks/challenges to the best of your ability
    • Completes all of the written responses and/or reflections required
    • Responses reflect a thoughtful approach to assignment
    • Responses show an understanding of content/concepts
    • Assignment is turned in on time





    Every week, students will be graded on their participation in class (5 PTS)  and one virtual assignment (5 PTS). Every 2 weeks students will turn in activity logs with a minimum of 1 day per week logged (5PTS).