• Every Board of Education of a school district, every board of cooperative educational services, county vocational education and extension board, and the chancellor of the City School District of the City of New York, shall adopt by July 1, 2001, and shall update by July 1st for the 2002-03 through the 2015-16 school years and by September 1st for the 2016-2017 school year and each subsequent September 1st thereafter, a comprehensive District-Wide School Safety Plan and Building Level Emergency Response Plans regarding crisis intervention and emergency response and management.  Such plans shall be developed by a District-Wide School Safety Team and a Builidng Level Emergency Response Team.  Each District-Wide School Safety Plan and Building Level EmergencyvResponse Plan shall be reviewed by the appropriate school safety team on at least an annual basis, and updated as needed. 


    The Starpoint Central School District-Wide Safety Plan was developed pursuant to Commissioner's Regulation 155.17.  At the direction of the Starpoint Central School District Board of Education, the Superintendent of Starpoint Central School District appointed a District-Wide Safety Team and charged it with the development and maintenance of the District-Wide School Safety Plan.