• Welcome to Music at Regan Intermediate School! I am so excited to spend our year singing, moving, playing, creating, improvising and composing in music.

    Week 12 and 13 of At Home Learning 

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    Camp Sullivan!

     I know many of you may miss out on your summer camp this year, so I hope these songs last you through the summer. It is a long video but if you go to YouTube, you can click in the description for the songs you want.
    Stay tuned next week for our RIS Spotlight on Specials week! The teachers have all been working hard on fun activities for you to do at home. 

    All of my lessons will continue to be available through the summer. 

    While students are learning from home, I have put together some resources to enrich your learning, practice your music skills, and hopefully brighten your day. Follow my YouTube channel for previous week's videos, Fun Fridays with Ms. Sullivan, and other fun stuff!

    Ms. Sullivan's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRd06Aj3YZllR80dbfmZ7Bg

    I would love to see any photos or videos of students being musical!





    Classroom Music and Chorus Overview

    Students in grades 3-5 experience a variety of musical experiences, provided in a well-rounded Intermediate school program.  Children sing, play, move, create, compose and improvise, all with the goal of developing all students’ musicianship. Students also learn a variety of classroom instruments including recorder, pitched and unpitched percussion, and ukulele. The music curriculum also includes opportunities to engage in many music cultures and practices. Report card grades are based on progress through musicianship skills, understanding of musical concepts, and overall behavior.

        Students in grade 3 also participate in weekly chorus rehearsals. This ensemble extends the classroom learning through singing and movement and culminates in a spring showcase. Students in grades 4 and 5 are encouraged to participate in chorus, which rehearses once a month during the school day and weekly outside of the school day. Chorus students participate in at least 2 concerts a year.

  • The 5th Chorus will meet every Thursday at 3pm on Google Meet. Check your emails and/or Google Classroom for the code. Remember to wear headphones and be ready to sing!

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  • The 4th Chorus meets every Thursday at 2pm on Google Meet. Check your emails and/or Google Classroom for the code. See you all there - be sure to wear headphones and be ready to sing!

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  • If you want to review a week's lesson, or go back and do something you missed, check out:

    Ms. Sullivan's YouTube

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