Student Support Services

  • Student Support Services

    The Starpoint Central School District offers a wide range of support services to help our students in achieving academic success.  We provide support to meet the social, emotional and learning needs of our students from a multi-disciplinary team approach.  We strive to provide a comprehensive range of services from prevention and intervention to identification of individual student needs.

    At Regan Intermediate School, our department has a team made up of a School Counselor, Mrs. Rose Becerril; School Psychologist Mrs. Jessica Plewinski; and School Social Worker, Mrs. Liz Tower. We work together to address the social, emotional and individualized academic needs of our students. We work with students, parents, teachers and other support staff such as school nurses, to ensure the success of each child.  


    Please review each of our individual pages to see a list of our services and to find our contact information.