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    Origin Story
    I was born and raised in Medina, NY as a superhero and science fiction- obsessed little boy.  I worked on my family's farm, assisting my father in difficult tasks such as driving tractor, baling hay, feeding and shearing sheep.  Oh yeah, during this time, I also honed my artistic skills drawing my favorite comic book heroes and villains!  (my childhood goal of illustrating comic books would go unrealized!)

    My college years were spent at Buffalo State College, originally as a Graphic Design major, but in a plot twist that changed the course of my life, I took an Art Education elective and was inspired to share my love of art with others.

    Upon graduation, I spent a short time employed as Art Teacher at Riverview Elementary in Tonawanda and then was lucky enough to gain employment here at Starpoint way back in 1997 (yes, I am THAT OLD!!!). My family left Medina and joined the wonderful Starpoint Community in 2016, so that my son could enjoy the inspiring educational experience that our school district provides.

    Unfortunately, much to my chagrin, I was not given any super powers, but I do have great wit and charm.  I have a good sense of humor and a total lack of shame.  But, most of all, I do have a gift for connecting with students and making the world of art come alive!

    According to my wife, I am funny, but not as funny as I think I am!  Plus, if you are reading this, you could probably guess, I tend to be long-winded!


    My most important goal is to help your child LOVE art!  In all honesty, I'm not Pablo Picasso and I will probably never be fortunate enough to teach the next Picasso, but your child will encounter art in the world every single day- whether in a museum, on TV, or even hanging on the wall of a restaurant.  It is my goal to prepare your child to engage in and appreciate the rich world of art that he/she will encounter every day.

    I want my students to be able to view an artwork and engage in a discussion about what it is and what the artist might be trying to say or show to a viewer.  Sometimes, art challenges expectations and thinking and I want to equip your child not to necessarily like all artwork, but to thoughtfully analyze what it could be and/or the artist intent.

    I appreciate the opportunity to work with your child and I consider it my duty to build a love of art in my students, so that they may become educated participants as they encounter art each and every day of their lives.

    I love this school and this district and consider it an honor to work here with your children each and every day.  They bring smiles to my face and I hope that their experience in my classroom will enrich their education.  Thanks for your support and for allowing me the opportunity to introduce your child to the wonderful (and sometimes challenging) world of art!