• Starpoint Community Education Program

    Browse Catalog Digitally - scan to use your phone, or click to use your computer

    If you would prefer to browse the catalog digitally and use the updated website, click or scan the QR code below.  This link also contains maps of the campus to help guide you on where to park and enter the building.

    Print Catalog and View - If you still prefer paper registration.

    You can view and print the newest catalog by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.  Or, to save paper, look through the catalog online, then print the paper registration form and register using paper.

    Where to Park and Enter the Building

    There are four main points of entrance to the building, depending on where your class is being taught.  The maps below will help you with parking and where to enter the building.  You can click on the maps to enlarge them.

    L-6, ALC, & Lecture Hall

    HS Main Entrance

    • Enter Driveway D
    • Park in Lot 1
    • Enter the "Starpoint High School" Main Entrance


    HS Sports Entrance

    • Enter Driveway D
    • Park in Lot 1 or 2
    • Enter the "Fine Arts and Athletics" Entrance
    • Walk straight, past the gym and Dale Askey Courtyard, and turn right at the end of the hallway


    Middle School Entrance

    • Enter Driveway C
    • Park in the large lot, nearest the new Middle School Cafeteria
    • Enter through the lobby doors, next to the new cafeteria

    RIS Yellow

    Intermediate Entrance

    • Enter Driveway A
    • Follow the bus loop, past the Fricano building (on your right)
    • Turn right past the Intermediate Playground into that parking lot

    Hello, and welcome to the Starpoint Community Education webpage.  My name is Mike Moran, and I am the Community Education Director.  I am also the high school assistant principal, so I am invested in this community and this program.  If you have any ideas for other classes, or if you would like to teach a course, please contact me at 210-2331, or email me at mmoran@starpointcsd.org.  If you have questions about registration or the classes themselves, please contact the Community Education assistant, Marcia Brogan, at 210-2308, or mbrogan@starpointcsd.org. Thank you!