• Students should wear sneakers on physical education days.  Sneakers help us to play safe in the gym (can you tie your shoes?)

    Earrings must be post; no hoops or dangly earrings

    Students will be graded 3 times throughout the year based on participation, behavior and skills.


    Category 1 – Participates in all activities

    • Does the student participate in all activates or do they choose to sit out.
    • Does the student remember appropriate footwear for class on a consistent basis?
    • Does the student participate in a way that is appropriate?


     Category 2 – Listens and Follows Directions

    • Does the student display behaviors that are respectful and courteous to all classmates and teachers?
    • Does the student display a positive attitude and good sportsmanship?


     Category 3 - Displays age appropriate skills

    •  Does the student display age appropriate skills based on teacher observations, task sheets, and ongoing assessment throughout the grading period.