Welcome to our class! 

    This newsletter and the monthly calendars to follow are developed to ensure a successful year. Please save and refer to them throughout each month, as they will contain pertinent information regarding our classroom procedures, events and curriculum.

    School is a place for exploration.

    Your child should come dressed in comfortable clothes and sneakers. The classrooms are often warm, so plan short sleeves with a sweater or light jacket for layering. The children are expected to take care of their own needs – be able to undo, snap and zipper clothing, and tie shoelaces as needed. Kindly send a jacket, sweater or sweatshirt each day as we try to go outside for a walk or play on the playground. If your child cannot securely tie his/her sneakers yet, please be sure to practice at this time or provide lace-free sneakers-for my sanity :)
    Your child will also need a change of clothes in the event of an OOPS! It needs to fit in a gallon zipper bag and should be labeled with your child’s name.
    EVERY item for school needs to be labeled with your child’s name, including sneakers!

    ‘BEE’ a STAR Program
    Golden tickets are given when a child is “caught” making EXEMPLARY choices! The golden tickets are an important component of our school-wide PBIS program. Our ShiningSTAR Rules encompass the PBIS expectations…BEE RESPECTFUL, BEE RESPONSIBLE and BEE SAFE!! A star student is chosen when his/her golden ticket is randomly selected from the PBIS bucket each Friday.


    Please be sure to support your child’s education by participating in the daily/weekly homework assignments.  The more time you put in, the more prepared your child will be.


    Daily Snack…Avoid junk food!
    Think simple, small, healthy and easy! You will need to provide a healthy snack each school day. Veggies, fruit, yogurt, apple sauce, cheese sticks or half-a- sandwich are some ideas that really work out best! ABSOLUTELY no candy, cookies, gummies, fruit roll-ups or chips! Juice/water bottles may accompany snacktime.
    Be sure to enclose the snack and a napkin in a labeled bag/container-separate from the lunch. If your child’s snack requires a spoon, fork, etc. be sure to enclose it as well.


    Bus Changes
    A change in bus transportation either to or from school will be granted only after you fill out the appropriate form from the office.

    Kids love books! PLEASE order!!!
    If you would like to purchase age-appropriate books for your child, you have two options. You can order on-line or send in cash. Your September SCHOLASTIC will be sent home within the first 2 weeks. On-line directions will be provided at that time.



    Daily Essentials
    Being prepared for school helps boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem, and it also promotes success in school! :D :D :D
    You can help your child be prepared for school by considering the following-
    * Most importantly - a good night’s sleep, coupled with a healthy breakfast

    * Keeping up with daily review/ homework assignments
    * Sending a healthy snack and water bottle
    * Providing sneakers and comfy clothes – your child can independently tie, undo, snap, etc.

    Wow! I think that’s it! If you have any questions, please feel free to call/text, send an email or simply drop a quick note to me. 

    Thank you for helping your child prepare for this very exciting year! :D I am looking
    forward to a fun and successful school experience!!