Hi everyone! I hope we are doing ok during all the craziness : )

    I really miss you all and all the fun we have in our Bio Class!

    I will post here weekly with new work for the week!

    Feel free to email me with any questions or just to say hi!   arotella-diez@starpointcsd.org


    For current work please go to my Google Classroom page! If you need the code, you will find it on this website on the Google Classroom tab.


    Week of March 23..........

    1. If you picked up the materials for my class at the school last week then please work on the Lab that I sent home. You will be looking for amino acid differences for a particluar protein between organisms. Please read the directions and you will be asked in the lab to create a data table to show the differences.  Do your best!

           * For this lab I think a page may have been left out when it was copied. Here is the data table for Part B Differences in Cytochrome c if you are missing it. From the data below make a bar graph on separate paper. Select an order for the bars that will reveal a pattern in the number of differences.

           Figure 2 How Cytochrome c differs from cytochromec found in other species

             Species           Number of Differences

             Chimp                    0

             Fruit Fly                29

             Horse                    12

             Pigeon                 12

             Rattlesnake         14

             Red Bred Mold      48

             Rhesus monkey    1

             snapping turtle      15

             tuna                        21

             wheat                      43


    2. Let's start to review! Please watch the Amoeba Sister Biomolecules video. Then review the info from the video by completing the Amoeba Sister Quizziz Review. This is not graded, just to review!

    3. I also sent home a practice regents exam. Take this week to work through the exam. Do a little bit each day and correct as you go each day. You will not know everything but the last few units we have yet to cover are units you have some prior knowledge of (evolution, ecology, body systems). So just work through it and do your best! Do not get overwhelmed : )

    4. Lastly, do not stress and as Pinky and Petunia say "Stay Curious" my BBB's (Best Bio Buds!)





    Week of March 16........

    *****If you are able please pick up the work that I prepared for Bio class. Our principal should have reached out to parents about pickup times for materials that were prepared by teachers. Within the materials for my class are your next lab that you can do from home, a practice regents exam, and a packet about evolution which is our next unit. I will assign work over the next weeks from the materials that were picked up. Please do not try and do everything now! I will space out the assignments so please check back here every Monday and just work on what I have assigned for that week!

    For this week March 16 - March 20 Please work on the following:

    1. Complete the NYS Biodiversity Lab (Botana Curis Lab) if you have it at home. If not no worries at all.

    2. Take the Castle Learning Quiz on the NYS Biodiversity Lab. If you need to review the lab before you take it watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJkgGsbj2pA

    3. Complete the other 2 Castle Learning Spring Review Assignments. These are review Regents Questions from all the units that we have done so far this year. This is not to be graded just to keep you in the Bio loop :)

    4. Optional: Find a current science article about the coronvirus. Read it and write a brief summary about what you have learned about it. You can then share the google doc with me : )