Hi Everyone!! Science is happening all around us!

    Stay safe, rest up, and do just a little Science for me : )

    I will update my website here weekly!

    Email any questions to me! arotella-diez@starpointcsd.org


    Please go to my Google Classroom to find current assignments. If you need the code, you will find them on this website under the Google Classroom tab!


    Week of March 23.................

    1. This week please work on filling in the Physical Science worksheets from the Middle School Science Review packet. You can do a little bit each day this week. 

    2.  To review the material that we were working on before our break please watch the Amoeba Sisters video about Alleles and genes. This video refers to "PTC paper". I have some of this in my classroom and when we finally return we will do our own experiment and determine if you are a taster or not!  After you watch the video please complete the Quizziz about Amoeba Sister Video!

    3. Till next week and as Pinky and Petunia say "Stay Curious" !



    Week of March 16......

    1. Please try to pick up the Science materials that I made for you. Our school principal has reached out to parents to let them know about pick up times.

    2. When you have the packet, please work on filling in the Life Science worksheets from the larger packet.

    3. Lastly, for this week, if you would like to find an article discussing the science behind the coronavirus and writing a brief summary about what you learned then share it with me!