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    Welcome to the Twitter Lounge!

    Your job is to notice a positive event that is happening in the school that reflects our school motto of "empowered to succeed."  For example, it can be an outstanding lesson you are part of or have observed, a sporting event, someone or a group of people demonstrating the 5 points of character or some really cool high level learning activity.   

    You and the people in your group will be given a special badge to wear that will allow you to take pictures of this event and "Tweet" about it on our Starpoint Twitter page.

    Please follow the following protocol:

    1) Always ask a teacher for permission to take a photo on your phone.  Make sure you let them know that you will be "Tweeting It Out" through Mrs. Halleen.

    2) Write down all the first and last names of everyone in the photo.

    3) Ask the teacher, student, coach... to explain the activity so you can gain an understanding of it and "Tweet about it later.

    4) You and the people in your group will come to the Twitter Lounge in room D-33 and fill out a brief Twitter Submission Form.

    5) Upon Mrs. Halleen's approval, your Tweet and photo will go live for the whole Starpoint community to see.  

    *As always, all photo's and tweets must be school appropriate and you must follow cellphone rules/guidelines.


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