Student: _________________________________

    End of Course Exam Score: _________________

    Final Class Average: ______________

    College Credits at Rochester Institute of Technology:

    Starpoint students that took the PLTW course DDP/IED may apply for RIT college credit for the PLTW course (IED).   In 2017, RIT eligibility requirements are students must have an 85% class average and receive on the End of Course (EoC) assessment exam a 6 or higher (6 = C; 7 = B; 8 and 9 = A).  The RIT grade is based solely on the End of Course (EoC) score.

    End of Course Exam score 

    For the students meeting these criteria, RIT awards 3 semester credits for IED.  The cost is $225 per 3 credit course. Currently a 3 credit class at RIT costs $4224.  This represents a discount of $3999. It is not nessacary for a student to attend RIT to use these credits. Most often, the credits are counted as ‘free’ electives not only at RIT but also should they be accepted at another college or university. It is important for students to check with their prospective colleges/universities as to whether or not the credit is accepted.

    ·        The deadline for students registering for RIT credit for the 2016-17 school year is Nov. 2, 2017.