TIES Program

  • TIES (Together Including Every Student) is a program which promotes the participation of children/young adults, with developmental disabilities, in extracurricular and community activities by providing effective support.

    Participants are children & young adults with developmental disabilities between the ages of 8-21.  They receive an application from the coordinator that asks about their interests and what support they need to be successful.  Support is individualized and can be in physical, social/behavioral, or language areas.  Participants list the activities they would like to join or request information about desired activities.  The coordinator discusses the chosen activities and needed support with the participant and/or parent.  An individualized plan is developed that guides the volunteer's support.  Please see the TIES - Participant Introduction Letter & Application attachments below.
    Volunteers are Starpoint students in grades 8-12 who want to share their extracurricular interests and make it possible for the participants to experience the learning and fun that is part of the activity!  After completing an application form and a training program, volunteers are paired with participants based on mutual interests, personal attributes, and availability.  The coordinator develops and explains the participant's support plan and provides ongoing assistance.
    Activity Leaders have the opportunity to include youth & young adults with developmental disabilities into their group.  The volunteer attends the activity with the participant to provide the necessary support.  The coordinator shares the participant's needs with the activity leader and provides resources as necessary.
    Coordinator leads a one hour workshop for volunteers and activity leaders that describes:
      • Developmental disabilities.
      • The value of creating belonging for all people.
      • How to focus on a person's strengths and abilities.
      • Examples of modifications and support plans.
      • How to promote friendship among people of differing abilities.
    If you would like more information, please contact:
    Kim Burrows (Starpoint Parent)
    TIES Coordinator

    Please visit our webpage by clicking on the follow web address  www.starbridgeinc.org/TIESprogram


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