Web Sites

  • Alphabet
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    Alphabet songs
    Do your kids love to sing! Try this website out, some songs have videos as well as lyrics you can print.
    Picture match for letter sounds
    Work on beginning sounds, short and long vowels
    ABC Match Game
    Games from the Literacy Center
    Leo Loves to Spell
    A Scholastic website
    Reggie the Rhyming Rhino
    A scholastic website
    Melvin's Marvellous Words
    Increase your sight words by playing memory.
    Games and activities include: alphabetical order, upper-case and lower-case letters, counting numbers, connect the dots, numerical order, shapes, addition, e-storybooks and holiday games.
    Listen to books online
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    Loosey Goosey Nursery Rhymes
    Listen to a nursery rhyme being read aloud. Pay attention! A beginning letter will fall off and you will have to find it.
    Tumble Books
    Jump on-line and listen to your favorite stories read aloud to you!Great news! Fricano Elementary now has a 2 year subscription. Username: Fricanop Password:books
    Clifford Books
    Does your child like Clifford? Then this is the site for you!
    Learning to Read
    This is a MUST DO if your child is in pre-school! There are songs as well as books to listen to.
    Book Pop
    Mighty Book
    Watch the book come alive with animation. These stories are filled with rich vocabulary.
    Story Online
    Sit back, relax and enjoy listening to famous actors read aloud popular children's books!
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    Do you want to read, play games, and have fun all at the same time?
    Meet Arthur and his friends for endless possibilities!
    Where's that big red dog?
    Dr. Seuss
    Do you like green eggs and ham?
    Junie B. Jones
    Want to get into trouble with Junie B.?
    Jan Brett
    Mrs. Farrell's favorite author website!
    Link - description
    You will need your user name and password that was sent home from Mrs. Drexler, the computer teacher.
    Make your own flash cards
    A Plus
    Wow! You have to check this out! Improve your child's math skills interactively.
    For Fun
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    Primary Games
    This site has various activities in all of the core curricula areas. It also features seasonal crafts and activities. It is excellent for reinforcement of new skills.
    Enchanted Learning
    Click here for arts and crafts and more...
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    Spelling City
    You will need your user name and password that was sent home by Mrs. Drexler, the computer teacher.