• The SAT/ACT Prep course is split into two components: a math section and a reading/writing section (taught by Mrs. Haskill). 

    The SAT/ACT Math Prep course is designed to maximize students’ scores on the math sections of the SAT and ACT and the science section of the ACT. Course content includes the following focus areas: (1) SAT and ACT Logistics, (2)Diagnostic Tests and Goal Setting, (3) Mathematics Review, and (4) Test Taking Strategies.

    Students will receive a Pass/Fail grade for each quarter for both the math section and the reading/writing section as well as a final Pass/Fail grade for SAT/ACT Prep course. A grade of “P” (Pass) is considered equivalent to a numerical grade of 65% or higher.

    Please see the course syllabus below for more detailed information.

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