• Safe School Ambassadors Program

    The Safe School Ambassadors program consists of a group of trained students who attempt to prevent and stop acts of cruelty by interacting with their peer group.  Ambassadors help their friends make better choices about how to treat others and how to help them avoid trouble.    Starpoint’s SSA Program developed out of a national program that originated in California.  Schools across the country have recognized the importance of having students provide leadership in setting the emotional climate on campuses.  Students are very influential with their peers and are instrumental in setting the norms of school life.  They really know what is going on behind the scenes in school.  Furthermore, they often know who needs help, who is angry, and who is being left out.  This program utilizes the power of student leadership to help create a positive, caring culture in school.  It is an attempt to harness the power of positive student influence to make our campus a more nurturing place.

    Now that the additional students were trained, there is a total of fifty-five Middle School students in this wonderful program which is trying to make a positive impact on the culture of the school.  The Ambassadors might welcome a newcomer, interrupt teasing with a distracting comment, or simply model tolerance of different people and opinions.  They will try to link up people in need with existing sources of help, without taking on the responsibility of solving the problem themselves.  For example, Ambassadors might let a school counselor know that a fellow student has lost a grandparent, or reach out to another student who is sitting by him/herself at lunch.  In short, we expect our Ambassadors to continue to have a subtle, yet powerful effect on the climate of our school.  

    If you have any questions about the Safe School Ambassador Program, please contact Mary Beth Passanese, school counselor, at 210-2222.