French 3

  • French 3 Syllabus


    Mrs. Staskiewicz

    Room N-14

    Office Hours:  Tuesdays and Thursdays

    625-7272 ext. 6614


    Course Description: 

    This course begins with a brief review of French 2.  The purpose of this course is to refine grammar skills, learn more vocabulary and increase conversational skills.  Successful completion of this course will help ensure a smooth transition in to French 4, should you choose to continue your study of French.               

    Materials Needed:

    It is expected that you bring your textbook to class daily.  I also expect that you will bring a 3-ring binder for notes, a spiral notebook for homework, paper and pen or pencil to class.  The only way to work efficiently and make the most out of our class time is if you come to class prepared with these items.


    I will use various teaching methods including lecture, class presentation, note-giving, and partner work.  You will also be expected to respond in French as much as possible.  The more you practice your French in class, the better prepared you will be for speaking assessments.



    Reprise:  Review of the major grammar and vocabulary studied in grade 9

    Unit 5:    Vive le sport!  Leisure activities and staying fit

    Unit 6:    Chez Nous – House and home

    Unit 7:     Soyez à la Mode!  Clothing and accessories

    Unit 8:     Bonnes Vacances!  Vacations

    Unit 9:     Bonne Route –Means of Transportation

    Mid-May:  Administration of speaking examination

    Early June:  Continue to review for Regional Final Examination

    End of June:  Administration of Regional French Examination (date to be announced in early January)


    Grading Policy:

    Homework, tests, quizzes and any projects are weighted evenly. 


    You can expect to have a daily homework assignment.  I will check the homework the day after it is assigned. Late homework is NOT accepted unless you are absent.  Please do not ask to go to your locker to get homework.  It is your responsibility to come to class prepared with it.

     Participation Grade:

    Attendance, being attentive, this includes not being distracted by a cell phone, and active participation are important factors that influence your success in this class.  I will be giving you a homework and participation/attendance grade in this class in the following manner:  You will receive (1) point per day for being present and attentive/participating (no cell phones out during class) in class, and (2) points for having your homework completed, for a total of (3) points per day.  If your homework is half done, you will receive (1) point, and if it is not done, you will receive a zero.  If you are legally absent, you will not lose the attendance point.  No points will be given for illegal absences.

    At the 5 and 10-week marking periods, I will give you a homework/participation average.  **If you are absent when I check the homework, it is your responsibility to show me the assignments that I checked and to get any work that you missed.  If you do not show me the work I checked, you will receive a zero.  Please remember it is your responsibility to make up any work missed due to absence in a timely fashion. 



    Each unit contains (4) chapters and at the end of each chapter there is a test.  At the end of each unit there will be a unit test, a speaking test and a listening test.  You can expect to have quizzes from time to time as well.  If you are absent on the day of a test, you will be expected to take the test on the day that you return.  Please see me to make accommodations.


    Extra credit is not offered, so please do not inquire.  You should be prepared when quizzes, tests and assignments are given.

    Class Rules:

    I expect that you will…:

    • Arrive on time
    • Be attentive and quiet when I am teaching and to be respectful of all members of this class
    • Work for the entire period
    • Bring all required materials with you
    • Do your own work to the best of your ability (NO cheating)
    • Attend to your personal needs before class. I will be limiting bathroom and locker passes to genuine emergencies.  If this is the case, please ask for permission to leave at an appropriate time (ex. Not during a class discussion etc.)
    • Keep all electronic devices turned off and out of sight
    • Stay 10th period when needed


    Please sign below, indicating that you have read and understand this syllabus.  Share this information with your parent/guardian, and obtain a signature.  This will be due tomorrow for a homework check.


    Student Name:_____________________________________________

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