Parent Letter

  • Dear Parents,

     I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Steven Leffler and I am your child’s 11th grade Consultant Teacher.  Many educators feel that the most difficult and most important year in a student’s high school experience is the 11th grade.  This is my sseventeenth year at the 11th grade level and I know from experience that it is imperative that our students do not fall behind early in the year, as it will be hard to recover that lost ground.  With this in mind, your child will be asked to assume more responsibility in their day-to-day studies.  An important skill we will work on this year is self-advocacy.  Due to the busy schedules of the students and the faculty at this grade level they must develop self-advocacy skills in order to seek and obtain the help they need.  Obviously as their Consultant Teacher, I should be the first tool they utilize.  In Academic Support class I will produce study guides, review difficult material, assist with projects, and guide your student through this difficult year, but it will be the student’s responsibility to increase their study and homework time both here at school and at home.           

     I believe that open communication and collaboration between teachers, parents, and the students is the key to success in any educational program. With this belief, I invite you to contact me with any concerns, questions, additional information you would like to pass along to insure your child is receiving everything he/she needs for a successful school year.  If you have additional methods of communication you find easier than your home phone, such as email or cell phone numbers, please forward them to me as soon as possible.    



    Steven Leffler

    Consultant Teacher Grade 11

     Phone- 625-7272 ext.6636