AP Physics

  • AP Physics 1 Course Syllabus and Expectations

    Instructor: Mr. Dylag

    Email: SDylag@starpointcsd.org


    Physics is the study of matter and energy and the interactions between the two. Included in this year’s study of physics are the following major topics:

    1.       Kinematics/Motion

    2.       Forces/ Friction

    3.       Rotational Motion

    4.       Projectile Motion

    5.       Gravitation

    6.       Momentum

    7.       Work, Power

    8.       Energy

    9.       Waves

    10.    Static Electricity

    11.    Circuits


    A note about physics:

    AP Physics should be a problem solving and hands on environment. The class should be open, relaxed, and we will learn together. I will rely on the book for most homework and give supplemental materials as needed.

    AP Physics is the most challenging AP course as seen by the score breakdown.

    Classroom Rules and Expectations:

    1.       Be on time. There will usually be something on the board at the beginning of class for you to “do now”. Attendance is taken at the beginning of class. One minute late is not okay.

    2.       Always follow safety procedures in the lab. If something looks or feels wrong, stop and come get me.

    3.       Respect: (cell phones)

    4.       High expectations, all students can find a level of success in physics.

    5.     There is no such word as can’t


    Classroom Goals:

    1.       Create a positive learning environment.


    2.       Be prepared for the AP Physics 1 Exam AND the Regents Physics Exam


    3.       Be prepared for college physics

    Procedures and Grading:

    1.       Come to class with the following:

    a.        Pencil or pen

    b.      Graphing or scientific calculator. Please find or purchase a graphing or scientific calculator as soon as possible.

    c.        High quality spiral notebook and binder

    d.       Textbook every day.


    2.       Homework is due at the beginning of class.

    a.        All homework not handed in at the beginning of class or when I ask for it is considered late and loses 20% until the end of the DAY

    b.       All homework late after the first day is graded down from a 65%.

    3.       If you are absent for any reason you are still responsible for any and all missed work. It is your responsibility to meet with me to schedule time to make up lost work or lost lessons.

    Academic Honesty:

    Your work is your own. Working with another student is encouraged, copying is discouraged. Your paper should never change hands to another person. Have a friend explain how they did it, but do not copy their work. Lab reports will use turnitin.com and will run through a filter of the internet and all labs past students have handed in.

    If you are suspected or caught copying, a zero will be given. If you wish to dispute the zero, please schedule a conference with me.


    2.       All labs will be written in the notebook along with the data, hypothesis, ideas, thoughts etc.

    3.       Some labs will be typed on the computer and handed in on google classroom.


    Homework and Labs 40%

    Tests/ Quizzes 60%


    A note from the teacher:

                My office hours are almost every day. I will stay late. No extra credit, bonus points are built into assignments.