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  • Welcome to Earth Science! 

    Here you can find helpful notes, links, and animations.


    Please note that while I will try to post homework here as often as possible, this site cannot serve as a replacement for writing down your assignments in class, nor any in-class announcements that may change or modify the work due. 
    You are responsible for what is said and done in class. This website serves as a supplemental resource for your in-class experience.
    Please review the course expectations document and feel free to contact me anytime at sregdos@starpointcsd.org if you have any questions.                                                                                                         IF WE ARE OFF FOR AN EXTENDED TIME FROM SCHOOL, YOU ARE TO COMPLETE THE 5 REVIEW CASTLE LEARNINGS.  REMINDER ON HOW TO LOGIN: STP- FIRST 3 OF FIRST NAME FIRST 6 OF LAST NAME. IF YOU CANNOT LOGIN PLEASE EMAIL ME AT SREGDOS@STARPOINTCSD.ORG       

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