Architectural CAD

  • Overview of the Course: Architectural Design is a full unit elective course. The Architectural Design course is hands-on in nature using current CAD software on pc platforms.  Students will utilize a variety of drafting and design software tools using CAD to execute two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings and various illustrations.  Students will produce drawings of their own design as well as assigned exercises.  Drawings will be printed/plotted and evaluated. A model house will be constructed.

    Course Objectives: An Architect is responsible for designing much of what you see around you this building, your home, or any structure and much of what you don’t see, including your building's HVAC and electrical systems, and pluming. The surrounding landscaping will be designed by a landscape Architect. CAD models and drawings of things they design must be understood by hundreds of other people in our society.  Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software is the modern "Renaissance" in creating and developing construction drawings.  CAD, like many other forms of digitized mediums; provide convenient avenues of communicating instantaneous information around the world by virtue of the Internet, e-mail attachments, and specialized CAD reader software.

    This course will utilize current CAD software.  Those interested in becoming a proficient and skilled Architects will benefit from the detailed training in software providing the skills that architects, and landscape architects engineers, and design-related professionals use to create designs.  Multiple teaching methods will be used including tutorials, lecture, projects, group work, and class presentations.

    Supplies: 1" Binder, Pen/Pencil

     Exam/Quiz: There maybe written exams in Architectural Design.  A midterm project may be completed in January for a midterm exam grade.  You will maintain a portfolio of your drawings that will be reviewed periodically.  A final project may be given in June for the final exam grade.  Quizzes may be given as either written or completion of a drawing throughout the year.

    Grading Policy: Grades will be based on drawings, in class projects, class participation, and quizzes/tests.  Projects are due on the designated due date.  All due dates will be given verbally when project is assigned and posted on the google classroom.  Any student who does not turn in a project on the due date by the end of class will automatically have 10 percent deducted from the grade.  In addition, projects turned in more than one week late, after the due date may be graded a ZERO. 

    Disciplinary Action:  Any act(s) of plagiarism will result in a grade of ZERO for all parties involved in that project and a teacher detention (1 day after school 10th period) and a phone call home to parents.  Any student, who is disruptive in class, does not complete a project and receives a ZERO for it, or is late for class will receive a teacher detention (1 day after school 10th period).  If the student continues to disrupt class, arrive late, or skips the teacher detention, 2 teacher detentions will be assigned and a phone call home to parents.  If the student continues any of the above, the matter will be brought to the attention of the guidance counselors and administration and a parent/teacher conference will be requested.  In addition, all school guidelines found in the student handbook regarding discipline will be enforced. 

    If you have any questions concerning this course, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the high school office.

     I look forward to working with your son or daughter.