Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Harassment

  • The Board of Education is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination and harassment.  Accordingly, the Board prohibits:

    • discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability and other legally protected categories
    • sexual harassment

    Such actions and occurrences are prohibited regardless of whether they take place on School District premises, at school-sponsored events or at activities held at other locations. 

    Attached below are the following District policies:
    • Discrimination and Harassment
    • Sexual Harassment of District Personnel (in the Workplace)
    • Sexual Harassment of Students 
    Also attached are the following Complaint Forms:
    • Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Form
    • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
    If you feel that your civil rights have been violated, or you have been subjected to behavior that may constitute sexual harassment:
    • Please complete the appropriate complaint form and send it to one of our Civil Rights Compliance or Sexual Harassment Officers, or
    • Contact them to make an appointment to meet with them
    Starpoint CSD Harassment/Discrimination Liaisons:
    Mrs. Adrienne Cohan, Social Worker, acohan@starpointcsd.org or call 210-2329
    Mrs. Monica Daigler, Regan Intermediate School Principal, mdaigler@starpointcsd.org or call 210-2151 
    Mr. Corey Gray, Middle School Principal, cgray@starpointcsd.org or call 210-2201
    Mr. Gil Licata, High School Principal, glicata@starpointcsd.org or call 210-2305
    Mrs. Cara Mansour, School Psychologist, cmansour@starpointcsd.org or call 210-2328
    Mrs. Brandee Norwood, English Teacher, bnorwood@starpointcsd.org or call 210-5612
    Mrs. Christine Page, Social Studies Teacher, cpage@starpointcsd.org or call 210-6317
    Ms. Mary Beth Passanese, School Counselor, mpassanese@starpointcsd.org or call 210-2207
    Mrs. Jessica Plewinski, School Psychologist, jplewinski@starpointcsd.org or call 210-2369
    Mr. Ben Scaffidi, Math Teacher, bscaffidi@starpointcsd.org or call 210-6621
    Mrs. Denielle Toth, Fricano Primary Principal, dltoth@starpointcsd.org or call 210-2101
    Mrs. Liz Tower, Social Worker, ltower@starpointcsd.org or call 210-4101
    Starpoint CSD Civil Rights Compliance and Sexual Harassment Officers:
    Mr. Jonathan Andrews, Director of Administrative Servies, jandrews@starpointcsd.org or call 210-2349
    Mrs. Maureen Braunscheidel, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Technology, mbraunscheidel@starpointcsd.org or call 210-2351 
    Mrs. Gretchen Cercone, Director of Human Resources, gcercone@starpointcsd.org or call 210-2347  
    Mr. Vincent Dell'Oso, Director of Physical Education, Health & Athletics, vdelloso@starpointcsd.org or call 210-2304
    Mr. Brian Farrell, Director of Special Programs, bfarrell@starpointcsd.org or call 210-2321
    Mr. Wayne Van Vleet, O/N BOCES School Attorney/Director of Labor Relations, wvanvleet@onboces.org or call 731-6800, extension 2206

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