• New York State students are required to obtain three credits in mathematics for graduation and have two types of diploma options.  All students must pass the Algebra 1 Regents Examination in order to obtain a Regents Diploma.  Those students wishing to pursue an Advanced Regents Diploma must also pass the Geometry and Algebra 2 Regents Examinations.

    Classroom Policies:

    The following are the percentages used to calculate your quarter grades:

    Tests: 50%    Quizzes: 40%    Homework: 10%

    Homework is an integral part of reinforcing the information taught during class. Each quarter, you will begin with a 100% homework average. For each assignment missed, you will receive a 5% deduction of your homework average. For example, if you miss three homework assignments during the quarter, you will receive a 85% homework average for that quarter. This average is then counted as 10% of your quarterly grade.


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