Drawing and Painting

  • Course Description: Drawing and Painting is a one year course for using the elements and principles of design to develop more advanced drawing and painting techniques.

    Course Goals:    

    Demonstrate knowledge and creativity essential to producing works of visual art in several media.

    Demonstrate the mastery of skills and techniques essential to creating art products.

    Demonstrate orally and in writing that he or she understands the diversity of cultural heritages which have contributed to the visual arts. 

    Demonstrate orally and in writing that he or she is knowledgeable in the history of visual arts. 

    Required Materials: (needed in class every day) **(Sketchbooks are available for purchase for $5.00 or you may purchase the sketchbook on your own. 

    Ø  Side Spiral Bound Mixed Media 7x10 - 9x12 Sketchbook 80 lb paper/60 sheets

    Ø  #2 pencil

    YOU ALSO NEED YOUR PORTFOLIO from Studio Art or you will need to get a new one

    (If you are getting a new one, I suggest getting 18x24

    Content: Curriculum Topics

    -          Introductions and Drawing Basics

    -          Syllabus

    -          Pre-Assessment Drawing

    -          Line contour and blind contour

    -          Reverse drawing leaves

    -          Shape organic and geometric

    -          Form and Value

    -          Basic form drawing

    -          Spheres and Value Gradation

    -          Challenge form drawing

    -          Value, Contrast, Space

    -          Basic Shape drawing

    -          Scratchboard

    -          Pen & Ink Drawing

    -          Space and Perspective Drawing

    -          Aerial Perspective

    -          Reflective Drawing

    -          Basic Color Theory

    -          Hues, Tints, Shades, and Hues Wheel

    -          Stuffed Animal Drawing

    -          Creating Form with Shape and Color

    -          Still Life

    -          Tempera Paint

    -          Monochromatic painting

    -          Watercolor Paint

    -          Flower

    -          Choice Painting

    -          Acrylic Paint

    -          Abstract Tree

    -          Portrait/Facial Features

    -           Oil Painting

    -          Landscape

    *Project requirements may change due to time available*


    Art Journal/Sketchbook:  Your art journal will contain weekly  observational drawing assignments to be completed throughout the year , as well as preliminary work for all assignments including research. It should be in class every day. The journal has 2 purposes: to practice and develop visual ideas that you enjoy working with and to complete your sketchbook assignmentsSketching is a very important tool for an artist. It allows for a sort of visual brainstorming, to consider first thoughts in greater depth and refine initial ideas.

    Required Number of Quality Work Entries


    30 quality works + sketches, planning stages, etc


    25 quality works + sketches


    20 quality works + sketches


    15 quality works + sketches

     Assessment and Grading Plan per Marking Period:         Art Projects: grading based on criteria, craftsmanship, creativity, composition, & effort -    70%

    Sketchbooks/Journals: a record of creative thought process and technical development, notebook for vocabulary, key terms and processes -   30%

     Final Assessment and Grading Plan:                                  Final Assessment: 20% of final course grade

     Plagiarism: Plagiarism of art works will not be tolerated.  If a student is found guilty of plagiarism, they will receive a 0 for the project.  Students will be expected to produce ORIGINAL and CURRENT work and complete all work for each project.

     Class Work & Homework Expectations: Students will be expected to finish art projects in class.  Art projects are created best at school where students have access to all materials. Art projects will lose 10 points a day for late work, no projects will be accepted after 3 days past the due date.  Students will also be expected to complete occasional writing and sketchbook assignments for homework.

     Classroom Behavior Expectations: 

    • Be a Responsible Student. (Bring your materials to school, get your work done, clean up your mess, etc)
    • Be a Respectful Student. (Respect the teachers, administrators, substitute teachers, and other students.  When the teacher or another student is talking, watch, and listen out of respect.  Respect other student’s property, the classroom materials, and the school.  Be respectful when talking.  No vulgarity. Speak in a positive manner.
    • Be a Trustworthy Student. (I can trust you to take care of the classroom, to clean up your mess, to complete your work, and to speak appropriately)
    • Always do Your Personal Best
    • CELL PHONES are not allowed in class

    (In addition to these classroom rules, all rules and guidelines in the student handbook are also followed.

    Clean Up and Exiting:

    • Begin packing and clean up when instructed, not before.
    • Clean and return borrowed supplies from your table and floor area.
    • Leave your desk area free of any work, papers, paint, water, or trash
    • Remain in your seat until the bell rings

    Discipline: Any student who does not follow the expectations listed above will receive a teacher detention (1 day after school 10th period).  Misbehavior when there is a substitute teacher results in 2 days of teacher detention.

    Attendance Procedure:  Regular attendance and class participation are important to succeeding in this course.  To get the most out of this course, you need to be present and engaged in your work. There will be a daily participation grade of two points—one point for being present and on task, the second point for being prepared with necessary materials (pencil, sketchbook, etc.)  At the end of each week, you will receive a 10 point participation assignment on the portal.  If a student has a legal absence, he or she will have up to a week to recover points by staying during office hours or study hall.  If a student has an illegal absence, the student will receive 0 unrecoverable points for the missed class.

    Absences: If you are absent when sketchbooks or assignments are due, it will be due the next day you are in school.  It is the student’s responsibility to ask for any information given on the day of an absence.



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