Grading Policy

  •  Grading Policy 



    Grades will be calculated on a point basis.  Projects will be based on a scale depending on the assignment or project.  Daily work and participation grades will be based on completion and participation. Engineering notebook, portfolio, homework  Quizzes, cumulative unit exams and an end of course assessment will be given during the 20 or 40 week course. All assignments are due on the date that is given. Any assignment turned in after that point will be penalized for being late. Work may be resubmitted for credit until the end of that marking period the assignment is due in.

    Plagiarism and Discipline

     Any act(s) of plagiarism will result in a grade of ZERO for all parties involved in that project and a teacher detention (1 day after school 10th period) and a phone call home to parents.  Any student, who is disruptive in class, does not complete a project and receives a ZERO for it, or is late for class will receive a teacher detention (1 day after school 10th period).  If the student continues to disrupt class, arrive late, or skips the teacher detention, 2 teacher detentions will be assigned and a phone call home to parents.  If the student continues any of the above, the matter will be brought to the attention of the guidance counselors and administration and a parent/teacher conference will be requested.  In addition, all school guidelines found in the student handbook regarding discipline will be enforced.