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  • This homepage is general information about my classes.  

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    Phone         -         625-7272 ext. 6413

    Office Hours       -         Monday and Wednesday,  2:30-3:10


    Summer Reading

    ***Book of choice.  The Starpoint English Department has started a fREADom initiative, allowing some fREADom of choice as long as the books are appropriate for the student's reading level.  Students will be held accountable for reading, and this will be assessed through journals and teacher/student conferences.  One fREADom book should have been completed over the summer.  Some staff recommendations are linked to my teacher website.  Select the fREADom tab at the top of this page.


    • Just a folder for English this year.  Almost everything we use this year will be done online, electronically.  No binder will be needed.

    • A Chromebook. (Provided)

    • Ruled Paper, Pen, Pencil, and Highlighter

    • Post-it pads (many) 1.5" x 2" are preferred

    • A box of Kleenex to share is appreciated but not required.


    1. Be on time to class with required materials, especially a charged Chromebook. 

    2. No personal electronic devices are permitted during my class time.  When on Chromebooks, students are expected to remain on assigned webpages.

    3. Sit in your assigned seat.   

    4. Complete homework assignments on time.  Homework is collected and graded.  Late homework will receive a 10% penalty.  This penalty does not escalate.  Once an assignment has been corrected and returned to students, no additional late papers will be accepted.

    5. Homework is assigned approximately 4 times a week.  This includes written work, reading, and studying for tests and quizzes.

    6. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to see me upon returning to class for make-up work.    However, ALL assignments are posted on Google Classroom.   Please return from absences with work completed to the best of your ability. 

    7. If you are absent from class due to a music lesson, field trip, or a school appointment, you are still responsible for the homework the next day.  You can obtain an assignment from me during my free periods, from my website, or from a reliable classmate.

    8. Cheating is not tolerated.  A zero will be given for any work that reflects cheating or plagiarism, with no opportunity to make up the test/assignment.

    9. If you skip a class, a zero will be given for any test/assignment for that day. 

    10. Most assignments will only be accepted when typed and submitted electronically to  Any handwritten work must be completed in legible pencil, or standard blue or black ink, on straight edged white-lined paper. 

    11. No extra credit assignments will be given throughout the year.  You must keep up with your assignments.



    • Students are expected to take a serious approach to their studies.

    • Effort is expected on all assignments.

    • Students are expected to be punctually present on a daily basis.  NO EXCUSES!


                Grades are posted regularly on Google Classroom and will be transferred to Parent Portal every 5 weeks.  For more up-to-date information on grades, parents should check the student's Google Classroom.  Grading for this course consists of homework, classwork, quizzes, writing, and major assessments.   All assignments are assigned numeric grades and will be averaged together.