• Studio Art                                                                                                                

    Studio Art is a foundation course and the base for advanced classes. The course focus is on exploring media, creative problem solving, a history of art styles and artists and developing a visual vocabulary.  This course fulfills the graduation requirement for Fine Arts. There is a final assessment.

    Supply list:                                                         

    The supplies needed for this class are available from me.  Each student can purchase the complete kit, (red rope portfolio, drawing pencils, #2 pencils, glue stick, blending tools, binder) for a reduced price of $5.00 total.  Cash or checks can be made out to Starpoint Art Club.

    Student Responsibilities:

    •   Students are expected to be on time and prepared with required materials.

    •   Students are expected to be respectful of others, projects and supplies (no swearing, abusive language, disrespectful comments, or misuse of supplies)

    •   Students are to be engaged in constructive work during studio time and clean up before dismissal.

    •   Cell phones are not allowed in class and will be taken away.  Cell phones will not be used as a reference material.

    •   It is the student's responsibility to obtain any missed information.

    •   To turn in projects on time with your name or they will not be graded.

    Any student who does not follow the expectations listed above will receive a teacher detention (1 day after school with me during Academic period).

    Grading Policy:

    Studio Production: All projects are due on the assigned due date.  These will be posted in the art room as well as the project requirements.   Projects that are turned in after that date will be considered late and will have points deducted from the grade as well as a teacher detention during the Academic period until it is completed.

    You will be evaluated on the quality of each project as follows:

    -     Craftsmanship  (the ability to incorporate learned skills)

    -     Originality  (putting in the effort to create a unique work of art)

    -     Neatness/appearance

    -     Completion (project finished with name on it and handed in on time)

    Journal/Sketchbook and Folder entries: The journal/sketchbook should be kept up to date, neat and in good condition.  All handouts should be put in your folder when you receive them. You are responsible for any notes, exercises and assignments. There will be journal checks.

    Class Participation, effort and attitude: This grade includes:

    -     Attendance

    -     Being on time for class

    -     Prepared for class with journal

    -     Working quietly throughout studio time

    -     Listening and participating during lecture period

    -     Following all classroom rules

    -     Interacting positively with fellow classmates

    -     Working to the best of your ability