Supply List



    Introduction to Digital Photography

    Miss McGreevy

    • Digital Camera, (‘point-and-shoot’ camera).  Or if you have a good camera on your phone, but actual cameras are preferred. If you desire to purchase a camera, see the suggestions below.  Your camera should have a memory card.
    • Folder with two pockets (to keep in the room for handouts)



    - extra memory card(s)

    - card reader

    - external hard drive

    - tripod

    For Extra Credit:

    •  Shoe box
    •  Kleenex/tissue box


    •  Most cameras that are being sold currently have more than enough megapixels.  The camera you buy should have at least 6. You will need a ‘Point-and-shoot’ digital camera for this class.
    •  There are a lot of good brands out there.  Some top suggestions are Nikon or Canon.
    •  I suggest going to a store like Best Buy for the best prices to buy a camera.  I also suggest talking with the camera specialist at the store and ask them what the best deals are, the best cameras, etc.   They generally do a good job of explaining your options in order to help you decide the best camera to buy.

    - Delaware Camera is also a good store to go to, (there is one on Transit Road in Amherst and Delaware Road in Buffalo).  It specializes in everything that has to do with cameras and they are very knowledgeable.

    •  If you have access to a SLR camera or are interested in investing in one, please seize the opportunity to use one for this class!  The amount of options for taking photographs when using a SLR camera are much more than what is needed for this class, but I will often teach about them as they produce a much higher quality photograph.
    • If you have any questions about your camera, just ask me!