• Digital Photography 1

    Miss McGreevy

    Office Hrs: Tues & Thurs 10th pd Email: Phone: 625-7272 ex 6327 Room: K-27


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    course description: In this course you will:

    • Identify and practice the elements of a good composition in a photograph
    • Gain an understanding of the elements and principles of design
    • Gain mastery of the Macintosh computer
    • Gain mastery of manipulating and enhancing images in Adobe Photoshop CC
    • Complete photography assignments that showcase individual and unique creativity
    • Critique your own artwork as well as the artwork of others
    • Complete a portfolio of all work completed in the course


    COURSE CONTENT: The following is a brief list of the content that will be covered in this course:

    • History of photography, elements and principles of design, composition, macintosh computer, adobe photoshop, mending and blending photos using tools in photoshop, cutting out and combining using the selection tools in photoshop, enhancing and manipulating photos, photography tools and camera techniques.

    classroom behavior AND expectations:

    • Students are expected to follow all of the school and classroom rules as well as demonstrate respect for themselves and others.
    • Students should work throughout studio time, engaged in constructive work and using their creative abilities as well as listen and participate when necessary during a during lecture period.
    • Disruptive behavior will result in a teacher detention (1 day after school 10th period). More serious problems will result in contacting the parent and finally an administrative referral and parent conference.
    • Cell phone should not be used unless instructed to be able to use. No headphones in when I am talking.  If you would like to use your cell phone for something related to class, please ask me.
    • Students will stay in their seats until the bell rings and not line up at the door.
    • After an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to make up missed work. Students will be given a week to turn in missed work. After that time they will get a zero.
    • Arrive to class on time.  If you arrive to class late and without a pass, you will be assigned an after school detention with the teacher.  You have two days to serve the detention, starting the day you are late.  If you do not report to detention, for whatever reason, you will be written a referral.  Even if the student has prior commitments or detention for another class, they STILL must report to detention because it is the student's’ responsibility to get to class on time.
    • Cheating is not tolerated and a zero will be given as a grade.

    computer lab policy:

    • Do not change the desktop, screen saver, screen orientation, system preferences, language, or add or remove any items from the dock on any of the computers.  These computers on not on the main server, and therefore all settings need to remain the same for each class that comes in to use them.
    • Do not go on the Internet unless instructed to do so.  The class period is not a time to play games, watch Netflix or Youtube, search the Internet or do other homework.
    • Do not tamper with or disrespect the computer equipment in any way.  Any damaged property needs to be replaced if intentionally broken.
    • NO FOOD OR DRINKS in the computer lab!
    • If you fail to follow these rules, computer privileges will be taken away for a period of time determined by the teacher and/or the administration.


    grading policy: All projects are due on the assigned due date. Projects that are turned in after that date will be considered late and will have points deducted from the grade.  For the majority of the semester, the only homework for this course will be to take photographs. Students will be given at least a week to take photographs for each project.  It is the student's responsibility to plan where and when they will take the photographs within the given week.

    You will be evaluated on the quality of each project as follows:

    • Craftsmanship – the ability to incorporate learned skills
    • Originality – putting in the effort to create a unique work of art
    • Effort – class participation, work, attitude


    Grades are weighted on a point system. Homework is worth 10-20 points, class exercises are worth 10-20 points, tests and quizzes are worth 30-100 points, and projects are worth 50-100 points.  Extra credit will be awarded at the teacher's discretion and depending on the project or assignment.  If a student has poor attendance, it is likely that it will affect their grade negatively, so good attendance is encouraged in order to do as best as possible in this class.


    Be prepared when your photos are due and work during the studio time and you will do well in this class.


    If you have any questions concerning this course, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  My email is, and my phone extension is 6327. Please leave a message that includes your availability and I will return your call.  I am looking forward to a great year and I appreciate your cooperation.


    Please review this with your parent/guardian, sign the bottom, and return back to the teacher, acknowledging that you both understand these policies and you agree to follow them.

    I am aware of what this course entails and what the student responsibilities are.


                       student signature                                parent/guardian signature

    Also, throughout the semester I would like to take pictures and save copies of the students and their work completed in class.  The pictures may be used for student portfolios, shows or displays, or for class examples. In order to do this I need permission from the student's’ parent/guardian.  Please initial next to the lines that apply.

    _______________ Yes, my child may be photographed, or have his/her work photographed.     

    _______________ No, my child may not be photographed, or have his/her work photographed.