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  • Health Expectations

    Student Expectations


    Health 10                                                                    

    Mr. Buscaglia 

    Mr. Lopardi 

    Miss Rumschik


    ATTENDANCE:  Students are expected to attend all classes. Please notify your teacher in advance for an excused absence if possible. (school activity/athletic event, music lesson, field trip, academic testing, doctor/dentist appointment or illness)


    BE ON TIME:  Students should be in their seats when the bell rings!

                                    If you’re late to class without a pass expect detention after school.


    BE PREPARED:  Students need the following items every class!

    1. Health Textbook
    2. Pen/ Pencil
    3. Binder with paper OR notebook and folder


    ASSIGNMENTS:  Students must hand in all assignments on time.

    1. Late work accepted at teacher’s discretion or with a penalty.
    2. When possible students should arrange to make up missed work           during tenth period.
    3. All assignments are to be neat with the following heading:

                                                      Name:                        Class Period:

                                                      Date:                          Homework:                                                  



    ABSENCES:  It is the students’ responsibility to make up any missed work in a timely manner. Excessive unexcused absences will affect your grade. Each marking period you can earn 20pts. toward your participation grade which will be averaged in with your quarterly grade.



    TEXTBOOK:  All books have to be covered with a non sticky cover. Textbooks are new this year. Lost or stolen books will be replaced by the student at a cost of $75.00.



    STUDENT CONDUCT:  Be respectful and polite to others at all times. Students do not have the right to interfere with the learning process of their peers.



    LAVATORY & LOCKER:  Emergencies only please. If you need to be excused you must have a pass and sign out from class.


    CLASS DISMISSAL:  The teacher will dismiss the class. Students are expected to remain in their seats until the bell.



    GRADES:  10 week grades will be determined by total point accumulation of homework, quizzes, tests, and other written work.


       Final average will be: 80% two marking periods (semester)

                                            20% Final Exam


    -          There will be no exemptions from the Final Exam

    -          Students must successful complete Health which is a state mandated requirement for graduation.


    UNITS:  1. Introduction

    1. Understanding Our Health and Wellness
    2. Communication and Decision Making
    3. Mental Health: Stress, Anxiety, Depression & Suicide Prevention
    4. First Aid and CPR
    5. Fitness: Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep
    6. Reducing Our Risk of Cardiovascular Disease & Cancer
    7. Substance Abuse: Tobacco, Alcohol & Drugs
    8. Human Growth and Development



    (RAP) Resources for Adolescent Problems~ Guest Speaker Series


    Health Teacher:   Mr. Buscaglia      Mr. Lopardi    Mrs.Johnson

    Student Name: _______________________________         Period: ________

    Student Signature: ________________________________ Date: _____________

    Parent/ Guardian Name: _______________________________    (Print)

    Parent/ Guardian Signature: _______________________________________

    -          Cell phone #  ________________________

    -          Email ______________________________

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  • Phys Ed Daily Grades

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