2015-16 C.A.P. English


    This course is aligned with the introductory courses that are offered
    at NCCC. The course will be aligned to the Common Core State
    Standards. The goals of this course, in the categories of reading,
    writing, speaking & listening, language, and media and technology (as
    adapted from the Common Core State Standards of NYS), are as follows:

    -          Prepare students for the demands of college-and career-level
    reading by exposing them to a diverse array of classic and
    contemporary literature.

    -          Progressively develop reading comprehension through the use
    of various texts.

    -          Use research techniques to provide written analysis and
    informational presentation of the findings.

    -          Participate in one-on-one, small- group, and whole-classroom
    discussions, as well as formal and informal presentations.

    -          Reinforce the standards for conventions and language choice.

    -          Incorporate media and technology throughout the standards.


    I.                    College Essay

    II.                  Into the Wild Unit

    III.                Persuasive Essay

    IV.                1984 Unit

    V.                  Expository Writing

    VI.                Beowulf Unit

    VII.              Hamlet Unit

    VIII.            Letter Writing

    IX.                Frankenstein Unit---possibly

    X.                  View a film and a cinema analysis

    XI.                Final Portfolio entry


    You will have many opportunities to earn points as you demonstrate
    your knowledge of the various units we will cover in the course. All
    grades are weighted on a point system. Here are examples of how many
    points a typical assignment might carry:

                                                    Homework         10 to 20

                                                    Classwork          10 to 20

                                                    Quizzes              10 to 30

                                                    Writing              10 to 100

                                                    Tests                 50 to 100


    Regular attendance and class participation are important to succeeding
    in this course. There will be a daily participation grade of two
    points--- one point for being present and on task, the second point
    being prepared with necessary materials (a blue/black pen, paper,
    books, etc.)

    -          If a student has a legal absence, he or she will have up to
    a week to recover points through make-up work and staying during
    office hours if necessary.

    -          If a student has an illegal absence, the student will
    receive 0 unrecoverable points for the missed class.


    -          When a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to
    seek out and obtain missing assignments, handouts, or notes. See me
    for what you have missed prior to the beginning of class.

    -          If absent on the day an assignment is due, the student is
    expected to turn in the assignment immediately upon his or her return
    to school.

    -          If a student is absent on a day when a quiz or test is
    taken, the student needs to make it up within three consecutive school
    days during 10th period or during a study hall. Please see me upon
    return to make any necessary arrangements.


    -          Homework will vary according to the unit.

    -          Some homework assignments will be collected and others will
    be checked in class.

    -          Late homework will only be accepted the next day. If we go
    over the assignment in class then the assignment cannot be turned in
    late. There will be points off for late homework.


    -          Folder/Binder

    -          White loose-leaf paper

    -          Black or blue ink pens; pencils for scantrons


    1.       Come to class on time. You must be inside the door when the
    bell begins ringing to be counted on time.

    2.       Do not pack up materials or line up at the door prior to the
    end of class.

    3.       I will not give out bathroom passes unless it is a true
    emergency. Even if it is an emergency please ask at an appropriate

    4.       Do not use electronic devises during class. Please keep these
    items off and out of sight. If I see them I will hold on to them.

    5.       Be prepared for class.

    6.       Cheating will result in a zero for both parties.

    7.       Written assignments will be turned in on turnitin.com. This
    will help immensely in keeping portfolios of all writing assignments
    for the class.

    8.       Show respect to everyone in the class.

    9.       Give your best effort at all times, and you will be
    successful in this course!

    Please share this syllabus with your parent or guardian. Please sign
    below for a homework check tomorrow. Keep this syllabus so that you
    can refer to it in the future.

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